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Hello! Welcome to the official message boards of the National Association For Continence (NAFC). We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to reducing the stigma of incontinence and other bladder and bowel health conditions. We provide education, support, and community (like this message board!) to those touched by incontinence.

We're so happy that you've decided to join us here. This community is a wonderful resource, full of supportive, warm, and inviting people, who understand what you've been going through. They're full of advice, ready to jump in with comforting and compassionate words, and always eager to lend an ear. So browse through these boards, take your time to read what people have to say, and once you're ready, jump on in.

The main thing we ask you to remember is to be kind and respectful of everyone on the boards. It takes courage to write about personal conditions and we want everyone to know that they are welcome here. We also ask that you do not post inappropriate pictures of yourself in an absorbent product. This forum is not the place for that, and your picture will be removed immediately. Repeat offenders will be removed from the forum.

In addition, unless posted by NAFC, all opinions and advice recommended by others are their own and cannot be viewed as professional medical advice.

Finally, while we typically find everyone here to be kind, truthful people, please keep in mind that these are anonymous message boards, and we urge you to use discretion when deciding to share personal information with others (full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.). NAFC advises against sharing any personal information with anyone on the message boards.

In addition to these message boards, we encourage you to take some time to explore our site, nafc.org, by clicking through the links above. You'll find lots of great resources and education about bladder and bowel health, tools to help you manage your condition, and more. Here are a few places you may want to start:

The NAFC Blogs: https://nafc.org/bhealth-blog/
Find A Doctor: https://www.nafc.org/find-a-doctor
Sign Up For The NAFC Newsletter: https://nafc.org/on-the-go-newsletter
Conditions A-Z: https://nafc.org/conditions-overview
Managing Your Condition: https://www.nafc.org/management-support
Downloadable Patient Resources: https://nafc.org/printed-patient-resources/https://www.nafc.org/resource-center

Welcome to our community! We're glad you're here!
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